welcome to:

The molecular lab of the Animal Ecology Department

We are a team of young (?) and enthusiastic (!) researchers working on ecological and evolutionary questions around the biodiversity of soil animals, soil communities, reproduction in soil, and anything else we find interesting (mainly in soil).
Animals we work with (in alphabetical order):
Collembola (springtails)
Enchytraeids (babyworm look-alikes)
Hymenoptera (ants, wasps)
Oribatid Mites (no house dust mites, no ticks)
Termites (exotic and fun, also beautiful)
Protists (sexier than it sounds)


Our approaches include (in alphabetical order):
Community Phylogenetics
Molecular Gut Content Analysis
Phylogenetics /-genomics
Population Genetics
Located in the department of Animal Ecology at the University of Göttingen, we collaborate with the EFForTSBEFmate, Biodiversity Exploratories and SoilMan Projects.
If you are interested in joining our ground-breaking research, check out our projects or just come around for a chat (Tamara Hartke, Ina Schaefer – Untere Karspüle 2, Room 0.306).