Ting-Wen Chen

Assembly processes in soil animal communities: Integrating phylogeny and trait-based approaches

Ting-Wen Chen, Dr. (ting-wen.chen@upb.cas.cz)

Currently at: Institute of Soil Biology, Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences

Compared to aboveground ecosystems, soil preserves a greater biodiversity. My researches focus on species coexistence in soil. What are the processes driving community assembly patterns? Which roles has evolution played in contemporary species assemblages? To answer the questions, I apply phylogenetic and trait-based approaches to soil mesofauna (mainly Collembola and Oribatida) inhabiting different terrestrial ecosystems. First, I reconstruct phylogenetic trees for the targeting groups. I use phylogenetic comparative methods to explore phylogenetic signal of functional traits which presumably relate to community assembly. Then I apply null model approaches to infer the processes such as dispersal, environmental filtering, niche partitioning etc. by examining patterns of phylogenetic relatedness and trait similarity within and between local communities.

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Research Interests

Soil ecology; Collembola; community phylogenetics; phylogenetic comparative methods; trait-based approaches; landscape genetics/genomics; metabarcoding


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Chen, T.-W., P. Sandmann, I. Schaefer and S. Scheu (2017) Neutral lipid fatty acid composition as trait and constraint in Collembola evolution. Ecology and Evolution, 7: 9624-9638.

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